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Travel Outside Us After Citizenship Interview

You do not become a US citizen until you swear the oath. After the interview and before the oath you will still have your non-US passport and your permanent residency card.

Form N 600 Processing Time Citizenship Certificate Citizenpath

You may end up missing your appointments and thus lengthen the process.

Travel outside us after citizenship interview. If You Move While Awaiting an Adjustment Interview Within ten days of moving you and every immigrating member of your family must let USCIS know about your new address. Your Green Card will allow you to make short trips. Depending on your nationality you might be able to fly to Canada and cross the land border with documents proving your US citizenship but this would be a significant hassle.

But short trips even multiple. Parents of children should notify USCIS of the childs change of address. However you need to remember few things while you plan to travel abroad while Form N-400 Naturalization Application is pending and you must.

From there you can cross into the US by land and if need be catch a domestic flight. You may travel abroad after you file your US. After the interview and before oath you will still have your non-US passport and your LPR card.

Hence you can travel abroad as a Green Card holder while your US citizenship application is pending. For more than 30 days. But even though youre permitted to do so there are still some things to keep in mind such as not staying abroad for a very long period.

All things considered contacting the passport office to see if they can expedite your existing application would be a. Even if you are done with your naturalization interview you will only be a permanent resident until your receive your naturalization certificate. You do not become a US citizen until you.

If you have only made a short trip outside the US. There are no travel restrictions after filling out Form N-400 which is the Application for Naturalization. To sum up it is possible to travel outside the United States after filing Form N-400 Application for Naturalization.

I plan to travel with my green card and of italian passport and of course I need to be able to reenter the US. The law requires this of most non-US. Hence it is wise to appear for biometrics and then travel abroad.

Your Green Card will allow you to make short trips. Thats because as a green card holder you are already a permanent resident which allows you to travel abroad while your application is pending. Travel Outside the US.

Do not miss the ceremony. Travel outside US immediately after interview for naturalization. Posted on Jun 5 2018.

Living or traveling outside of the US for large periods of time runs the risk of disrupting the continuous presence you must show to be eligible to become a citizen. In addition you cannot get a visa as a US citizen and you state that your foreign passport would require one However per TIMATIC US citizens can fly to and enter Canada with only their naturalization certificate. You may travel to another country including your home country provided no other legal impediment precludes you from doing so.

You may travel abroad after you file your US. However you need to plan your trip in such a way that it does not affect your biometrics appointment and your naturalization interview. USCIS is only concerned if you have abandoned your residency by making your home in another country.

Travel is permissible during the time in which you are applying for US. However if a trip lasts longer than 180 days USCIS may determine that you have not continuously resided in the United States and therefore are ineligible for naturalization. You can travel internationally and return to the USA as a LPR with that documentation.

Since your naturalization interview then you shouldnt have a problem. As a Permanent Resident If you are in the United States as a lawful permanent resident or conditional permanent resident and you wish to travel outside the US you may apply for a re-entry permit refugee travel document or advance parole travel document including parole into the US. Citizens who remain in the US.

I may need to leave the US for no more than a week few days after the naturalization interview but before having an american passport in hand. You can travel internationally and return to the USA as a permanent resident with that documentation. Many states currently require a quarantine period if you have traveled and the USCIS will also not permit you to enter its offices for your naturalization interview or your oath ceremony if you have recently traveled.

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