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Can I Travel To Canada With A Dui On My Record

If you want to deal with your DUI conviction so that you can travel to Canada worry-free then you need to call Record Free today. In Canada DUI it is a serious criminal charge with a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

Pardon Services Canada Helps Canadians Seal Criminalrecords Are You Ready For A Change Records Service Canada Arrest Records

Canada is a problem for people with a DUI conviction.

Can i travel to canada with a dui on my record. Generally speaking if you have only one minor offense on your record such as a DUI for example and the conviction was later dismissed you should be allowed to enter Canada. A DUII conviction or diversion on your record makes you inadmissible to Canada because the Canadian equivalent of a DUII is an indictable offense in Canada. In general travel to Canada with DUI on your record is possible as long as you are not criminally inadmissible but as explained above Canadian admissibility can be tricky to determine.

Drunk driving can be prosecuted as an indictable offense in Canada which means visiting Canada with a DUI after five years can still result in a border refusal. When the maximum charge for a DUI in Canada was increased to 10 years in prison deemed rehabilitation no longer applied as the previously minor offence was now a major offence. Schedule your free consultation with KLM Immigration attorney today call 1 888603-3003.

Deemed Rehabilitation after five years only applies to a person with two or more summary convictions not an individual with an alcohol-related driving conviction or violation. Canada may not allow persons with DUI driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol convictions to enter their country. Americans with two misdemeanors or more or a felony conviction can also be ineligible to visit Canada even if they have had a clean record for decades.

Americans with a DUI record must seek a waiver of exclusion from Canadian authorities before traveling to Canada which. We have the experience with pardons Canada that you can use to take back control of your life. So while the country person committed DUI resulted in only a fine in Canada its considered a valid reason for not being eligible to enter the country depending on the date of the conviction.

Department of State states officially regarding entering Canada with a DUI conviction. If you have a DUII in your past dont worry that doesnt mean you can never visit Canada. We will review your options and determine the best approach to entering Canada legally.

If you have a DUI DWI or other drunk driving offense on your record speak with one of our attorneys at KLM Immigration today. If you have a misdemeanor conviction that Canada considers potentially serious criminality such as a DUI or DWI you could be denied entry at the border even after ten years. Deemed rehabilitation would allow people with old DUIs to enter Canada.

With increasing cooperation between the US. So if you forget or lie about a DUI it can bar you from entering Canada for many years. However there are numerous other factors to consider in order to make sure that your previous conviction would not stop you from entering Canada.

One of the relatively unknown consequences of a DUI is that the conviction can bar you from traveling to Canada. Anne is an American living in Oakland. Our criminal rehabilitation experts have helped many non-Canadians get approved for criminal rehabilitation.

I can enter Canada with a DUI if I dont plan to drive Whether you arrive on a cruise ship a bus tour or even a bicycle your DUI can prevent you from entering Canada. And Canada since September 11th border agents can have access to some travelers criminal records. Even if the DUI was a misdemeanor and resulted in a simple fine Canada will judge it according to the toughest standard under the Canadian Criminal Code which is called indictable Visiting Canada with a criminal record will require a waiver.

RESTRICTIONS ON ENTERING CANADA WITH A DUI CONVICTION The legislation that determines and restricts any non-Canadian from entry and travel into Canada is called the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Act. I can enter Canada because my case has not gone to court yet The border guards can still turn you back if you have only been arrested and not convicted. Canada has some of the toughest rules against DUI travel.

Obtaining a Canadian temporary resident permit that will allow you to travel to Canada for a limited period of time even with a DUI on your record. She meets Gilbert a Canadian man on the Internet and the two of them start an online romantic relationship. A Canadian immigration officer will decide if you can enter Canada when you apply for a visa an Electronic Travel Authorization eTA or upon your arrival at a port of entry.

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